Developmental editing

New service: developmental editing!

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It’s finally here – I’m offering developmental editing as well as copyediting and proofreading! I’ve been excited about this service for some time now, but thanks to the chaos of 2020 I’ve only just got around to launching it.

I’d like to thank those authors who have been been my guinea pigs as I’ve been learning about developmental editing and building up my skills in this area. I can’t name you all, but I am more grateful than I can say! I hope I’ve done your books and stories justice.

I’m also benefiting from Sophie Playle’s wonderful course in Developmental Editing: Fiction Theory. There is a reason her courses are legendary!

Special offer!

Because I’m still at the beginning of my journey as a developmental editor and as a gesture of goodwill in difficult times and the run-up to Christmas, I’m offering developmental editing at a much-reduced rate to the next client to book in. Get in touch for your free quote!

My preferred genres for developmental editing are fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, YA, romance, horror, crime and literary fiction.

At the moment I’m only offering this service for fiction, but I’m also keen to expand my skills in the non-fiction arena, so if you’re interested in being another of my guinea pigs, please do get in touch!

I can’t wait to embark on this new venture!

Help For Writers

A new chapter …

… or a whole new book.

Today is my last day working for Help For Writers Ltd. Tomorrow will be my first day as a ‘true freelancer’. In material terms, nothing much will change – certainly not overnight. I’ll carry on editing and proofreading just like I did before. But it does feel like closing a novel that has kept me gripped for years – only to be overtaken by that swooping feeling of the excitement of starting a new one.

I have to thank my colleagues at HFW for believing in me and supporting me to embark on my editing career. When I started working at the company over four years ago I didn’t realise that this was going to be my niche, but now I’m looking forward to focusing on editing and proofreading, leaving the rest of the capable staff there to explore and develop other aspects of the business more fully. If you have any needs relating to ebook conversion, distribution or cover design, drop them a line!

My plans for freelance life are modest so far – short-term goals include new business cards and flyers – but the most significant thing I aim to do is to branch out into developmental editing. I’ve touched on it in my most recent project, and I’m excited about the prospect of undertaking further training and CPD in that area. So if you have a project that you think might need dev editing and you’re brave enough to let me cut my teeth on it, I just might have a tasty discount for you!

I feel very lucky to have a job that I’m excited about every day of the week. A recent client voluntarily sent me a lovely testimonial that made me feel warm inside. She mentioned ‘energy’ and ‘verve’, qualities that I’d never given much thought to before, but I’m glad they come across to my clients, because I definitely feel the same drive each time I start a new project. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

A whole new book and coffee