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(My portfolios only include published works. Other things I have worked on include theses, dissertations, essays and corporate documents, as well as novels and short stories that are awaiting publication.)

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“There is no doubt in my mind that you have the skill to develop a story line and take it somewhere that was not visible to the author. […] You’ve opened up a new world to me. I feel and sense you have gone over and above what an editor should do. […] Your style sheet is magnificent. I can’t praise you highly enough, you have held my hand throughout and I’ve always felt in safe hands.” — Fondley Palmer (FootNotes)

“I was fortunate enough to work with Catherine on my first book and found her to be so encouraging and helpful. Her constructive feedback enabled me to see my work in a new light and it now flows a lot better than it did. I was unsure whether to get a developmental editor as it seemed like quite an expense for something which I wasn’t sure I would even have the confidence to publish. However, I’m so glad I did as her feedback has helped me to transform my book into something I’m now proud of. If you are unsure whether to use a developmental editor for your own non-fiction work or not, I would urge you to get in touch with Catherine. She is a skilled and talented editor and I’m grateful to have found her – thank you so much, Catherine.” — Gemma Seagee (Woman Down)

“I want to thank Catherine for being professional and clear. She explained everything thoroughly both in conversation and in her editing, which was a huge help to me as this was my first published work. The editing steered my work into a more polished final manuscript, and I believe that working with Catherine will help to improve my writing in the long term. Highly recommend!” — Joseph Posner (A Woodland Tale)

“Catherine Dunn is a skilled, diligent and exceptional proof editor. I would highly recommend her for your writing projects.” — R. K. Law (The Sagalands series)

“We love working with Catherine!  She provides consistently high quality work and her keen eye has truly elevated the quality and level of polish of our manuscripts. In an ever-changing, very competitive industry, it’s important for us to have a reliable, highly responsive copyeditor who can deliver a final manuscript in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the results.” — Andrew Wilson, Sea Otter Publishing

“Big thanks to you Catherine for being my editor when I urgently needed one and for not only all your time, thoroughness and dedication, but for your consistent correspondence, your approachability and, last but never least – your fantastic encouragement throughout when I was genuinely afraid nobody would like the manuscript. It’s done me a world of good. Very likely I’d never have managed to finally publish my book without you; you’ve helped make a dream come true. Looking forward to working with you again very soon!” — R. H. Hale (Church Mouse: Memoir of a Vampire’s Servant)

“It was my great fortune that Catherine Dunn was hired to edit the proofs of a linguistics textbook that I and my co-author recently finished. Given very little time, Catherine edited our proofs with remarkable care, assiduousness, exactitude and linguistic savvy – even flagging areas where the linguistic argumentation didn’t work. She brought the work into conformity with the publisher’s style and formatting requirements. This was a most tedious job, which involved thousands of little notes to the typesetter about capitalisation, word breaks and the like. Let it be known to all authors that using the right LaTeX package is no substitute for a human editor of this calibre. (I won’t even mention the horrifically mangled BibTeX entries she salvaged.) Catherine’s author queries are a model of organisation, editorial acuity and respectful communication. While remaining true to the work and its voice, she found multiple ways to improve it. This was a book produced by distant collaboration, so it suffered from more than its share of gaffes, garbled sentences and formatting problems. Catherine’s energy, even when faced with these editorial irritants, never flagged. She is a true intellectual collaborator. I strongly recommend her for academic works. Her versatility, keen eye, outstanding professional communication, efficiency and verve are assets that will elevate, improve and enhance the work of any academic author.” — Laura A. Michaelis (Syntactic Constructions in English)

“Working with [Catherine] has been a great experience. I needed an editor to do the copyediting of the four volumes of a long science-fiction novel. Her professionalism and dedication are remarkable. I particularly enjoyed her explanations about punctuation and our exchanges about other matters concerning the novels. I can’t wait to ask her help for future work.” — Jennie Dorny (Hybrids)

“Having spoken to Catherine Dunn on the phone, [I] found her both helpful and professional. Catherine was very clear about the copyediting process – and also how she could help with the entire process from writing, editing, through to distribution and marketing. I particularly value Catherine’s approach to outlining the process, meeting agreed deadlines and working with me to develop a finished product. It’s important to me that she gets my humour and understands my characters. I am delighted to be able to continue working with Catherine and we’re about to embark on my fourth novel together.” — Lisa Stewart (Knitting Haggis, Being Gil’s Sister, Soup is the New Coffee)

“Like how you had labeled everything and made it clear. And great to find a copywriter happy to edit a coded page.” — Dan Walker, LE1 Internet Marketing

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