Copyediting is the process of getting your raw material ready for publication, either in print or digitally. It involves making sure your work reads well and is accurate, consistent and suitable for the intended audience. 

Proofreading is the final stage your manuscript or piece of work goes through before it goes to print or goes live online. It’s the last step in making sure your work looks and reads just as you intended.

See the copyediting and proofreading pages for more information about each of these services.

Other services

Developmental editing

Developmental editing is different from copyediting in that it tackles the over-arching areas of plot, characterisation, point of view, style, tone and so on. Copyediting may pick up on some of these, such as major plot holes or a particular bit of dialogue that seems out of character, but developmental editing looks at the big picture with a wider lens. For instance, a developmental editor may suggest cutting an entire chapter, rearranging sections, rewriting large areas and so on. There is little point looking at the details of spelling and punctuation if whole sections of text are going to be cut or rewritten!

I have undertaken some training that covered elements of developmental editing, but I have less experience in this than in copyediting and proofreading. I am happy to take on developmental editing projects in order to gain more experience, and my hourly rate would be reduced to reflect that. I am particularly interested in working on fantasy, sci fi, romance, horror and literary fiction. Please contact me to discuss. 


I’m familiar with Adobe InDesign, so if you’d like me to typeset your work I’d be happy to oblige – please contact me to discuss. This can be undertaken alongside copyediting and/or proofreading, or completely separately with no obligation to purchase any other services.