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pen copy-editing proofreadingWhat is copy-editing?

Copy-editing is the process of getting your raw material ready for publication, either in print or digitally. It involves making sure your work reads well and is accurate, consistent and suitable for the intended audience. Copy-editing covers a broader range of issues in more depth than proofreading – the Society for Editors and Proofreaders has an excellent and thorough explanation on its website.

Copy-editing service

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As with my proofreading service, I’ll always talk with you beforehand about your expectations and what kind of service would best suit you, and I’ll send you a sample of suggested changes alongside my quotation so that you can get a feel for my style and way of working. I’m happy to work in hard copy, in Word with tracked changes, or in pdf with comments. If you decide that you want me to go ahead with the job, we’ll discuss how and when you’d like me to raise any queries with you.

As copy-editing takes place before typesetting, I advise you to have your work proofread as the final stage before it goes to print. Proofreading will pick up on any errors that may have crept in during the formatting and typesetting process.


If you are interested in my copy-editing service, contact me for a no-obligation quotation. I’ll ask the length of your piece of work and request that you send me your manuscript. I will then give you a quotation.

As with proofreading, the cost of the service depends on the type and complexity of the manuscript. I will give you an honest quotation at the start, together with a ‘guaranteed maximum cost’ so that you can be reassured that costs won’t spiral out of control if the job takes longer than expected. I will provide the individual, tailored service you need throughout the copy-editing process.

When I quote for you, I’ll send you a sample of my suggested changes so that you can see the approach I’ve taken and decide whether it meets your expectations.

Other services

I’m familiar with Adobe InDesign, so if you’d like me to typeset your work I’d be happy to oblige – please contact me to discuss. This can be undertaken alongside copy-editing and/or proofreading, or completely separately with no obligation to purchase any other services.

If your work is destined to be an ebook or a web page, you might be interested in ‘proof-editing’, which is a sort of hybrid of proofreading and copy-editing where proofreading and some light editing are done at the same time. If this sounds as though it might be what you’re looking for, let me know and we can discuss your requirements.

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